• Saturday, January 6, 2024

Thank you for choosing Mitce as your internet proxy provider.
We have two important matters regarding updates that require your attention and understanding.

I. Node Adjustments:

Mitce has always been committed to providing a stable and fast network environment. Based on recent technological adjustments and discussions, we've made the following changes to your current packages (metered and unmetered):

Node adjustments include:

  • a. Upgrading to Shanghai-Japan IPLC and Guangdong-Hong Kong IPLC lines with enhanced front-end defense to avoid significant disruptions due to heavy traffic.
  • b. Adjusted nodes now include the United States, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.
  • c. Direct connection nodes expand (in some cases applicable to adjustment 1 pre-SLA).
  • Remark: The purpose is to reserve 2Gbps of bandwidth transmission to ensure download speed (long-term downloads prohibited for IPLC).
  • e. Prohibition of extremely high traffic speed test transmission, support for YouTube tests*.
  • f. Adjusting the speed limit threshold to 600Mbps for long-term use, and after 2 instances, limit to 300Mbps for 30 minutes.
  • g. After the update, all streaming media will be unlocked and guaranteed to be available.
  • h. Package names changed to Metered Package > IPLC Metered Package / Unlimited Traffic Package > IPLC Unmetered Package

Introduction to new continent connections:

  • Japan: Japan-Shanghai
  • Singapore: Singapore-Japan-Shanghai
  • United States: United States-Japan/Singapore-Shanghai
  • Hong Kong: Hong Kong-Guangdong/Shenzhen
  • Taiwan: Taiwan-Hong Kong-Guangdong/Shenzhen

About speed limits and threshold:

The new nodes have very high demands for speed limit thresholds. If you have long-term high-traffic needs, you'll need to submit a service ticket to lift certain speed restrictions (monthly restrictions for the number of open customers).*
New nodes will have strict abuse measures, speed limits, and penalties are crucial to ensure fair network access for all users.

Given the abuse of unlimited traffic, we will update the new terms of service. In certain cases, your package may be suspended, specifically including:

  • a. Endless high occupation (continuous downloads) that are not necessary.
  • b. Misuse of traffic or bandwidth occupation affecting other users.
  • c. Exceeding 200 speed limits within 30 days, requiring manual review for package suspension.
  • d. Abnormal traffic, such as exceeding 1T within a day or other abnormal consumption.

Our purpose in adjusting nodes is to ensure that all users can enjoy a fast and fair network environment without compromising your interests. When making the above decision, we have had thorough internal discussions, and the final updated version has changed very little.
Due to the scalability of IPLC, we can adjust or automatically adjust the network bandwidth of this line at any time, so the maximum bandwidth speed of the updated nodes will no longer be published.

II. Subscription Pricing Adjustments:

Declaration: Price increases for subscription packages do not affect your existing products/services, meaning renewal prices and benefits remain unchanged.
For example, if you purchased an unlimited traffic subscription for 2USD, after the price increase, you will still enjoy the renewal price of 2USD.
Similarly, if you purchased a 100G metered package for 0.3USD, after the price increase, your renewal price will still be 0.3USD for 100GB.

This round of price adjustments is as follows:

  • Metered packages adjusted from the original 0.3U/100G to 0.5U/80G.
  • Unmetered packages adjusted from the original 2USD to 3.5USD.

This update will take effect immediately, and you will need to update subscriptions in a phased manner to access the new nodes. The updates will be carried out in phases, as follows: Japan - Singapore - United States - Hong Kong - Taiwan.
If you have any questions about this update, please feel free to contact our customer support team.
The node update time is from the evening of January 6, 2024, to the early morning of January 7, 2024, or extended to January 8, 2024.
The subscription price adjustment time is after the complete update of all nodes.
Once again, thank you for choosing Mitce.